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Asymit Marketing is a forward-thinking digital marketing agency that leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. We specialize in crafting advanced Reputation Management and SEO strategies that surpass the capabilities of traditional marketing firms. Our approach ensures your business achieves better returns on investment by harnessing the power of modern technology to attract and retain clients.

Our services drive real and measurable results to your business through reputation management solutions tailored to enhance your business's presence on Google Business Profile (GBP). This new service is designed to boost your visibility and credibility online, making it easier for customers to find and choose your business.

Our core values are centered around providing unmatched service and maintaining open, clear communication. We take initiative, solve problems proactively, and always aim to exceed expectations while setting realistic goals. At Asymit Marketing, we believe that the responsibility for success lies with us, and we're committed to delivering exceptional results for every client.

Kevin White

Before entering digital marketing and co-founding Asymit Marketing, Kevin White served in the military for 30 years as a pilot in the United States Marine Corps and Air Force. He serviced as a Naval Flight Instructor and in Air Force Special Operations Command as a Director of Operations and has 4,500 flight hours including over 600 hours of combat time and the Air Force Combat Action Medal. He has multiple deployments all over the world including Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Germany, England, Colombia, Japan and South Korea.
He has proven success in producing innovative digital campaigns—leveraging digital marketing, reputation management, viral campaigns, among other solutions—that generate brand awareness and maximize results. He has created and managed marketing campaigns for various brands and local businesses. As the Co-founder of Asymit Marketing, he helps businesses increase their online presence and generate new business with measurable results.

Anne White

Anne White is a highly innovative and experienced digital marketing professional. She the Co-founder of Asymit Marketing.

She has proven success in producing innovative campaigns online—leveraging digital marketing, viral campaigns and social media, among other solutions—that generate brand awareness and maximize results. He has created and managed marketing campaigns for major brands and local businesses. As the Co-founder of Asymit Marketing, she helps local businesses increase their online presence and creates new business opportunities.

Elda Gawat

Elda Gawat is a distinguished professional at the forefront of digital marketing and project management. With nearly a decade of expertise in Network Operations and Sales, Elda has consistently demonstrated her prowess in enhancing operational efficiencies and spearheading innovative projects. Her significant contributions include the development and implementation of a specialized tool that revolutionized day-to-day operations, dramatically increasing productivity and efficiency.

Elda serves as a Digital Marketing Project Manager and Customer Relationship Manager at Asymit Marketing, where her strategic vision and passion for excellence play a pivotal role in driving business growth. Her role encompasses overseeing digital marketing strategies that align with client goals ensuring exceptional service.

Elda's commitment to excellence and her deep understanding of administrative sales and digital marketing make her an invaluable asset to Asymit’s team. Dedicated to helping businesses thrive, Elda brings a unique blend of technical skill and strategic acumen to the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.

We provide a wide range of web marketing services to help you succeed

Digital PR and Search Engine Optimization for any business is crucial to helping you succeed. With years of experience in delivering excellent results for our clients, we’re ready to put you business on the map

Your online presence can’t be complete without social media marketing. Our services are designed to help you inspire trust with your potential clients and build your strong brand with the help of the social media platforms available today. Local digital advertising services are a must if you’re looking to reach your target market and close more sales. Allow our online advertising specialists to create custom ad campaigns that will get your business noticed.

Why choose Asymit Marketing

Why should you choose Asymit Digital Marketing to help your business thrive?

1. We’re serious about offering the best local web marketing services.

Our team consists of handpicked professionals who know the marketing industry by heart. We know how difficult it is to choose between so many agencies available for hire, so we make sure our team of experts has the necessary expertise to offer a top notch service and is driven enough to deliver the best results!

2. We won’t stop until we deliver measurable results

When we invest time to create the best marketing campaign for your business, we’ll certainly make sure it will help your company thrive! We do not believe in cookie cutter marketing campaigns. But we do believe in achieving success! We design our marketing services to best fit your needs and achieve great results.

3. We’re more than just a regular digital marketing agency

Our marketing services are not just a quick fix. We strongly believe in long term results and work hard to help your business thrive in the long run.

If you’re looking for a reliable digital partner for your business, you can count on Digital Marketing to help you succeed.

We pride ourselves in offering top notch digital marketing services that help businesses thrive

Our team of professionals has the necessary expertise to create custom strategies and marketing campaigns based on your specific needs to help you build a successful business from the ground up. From web design services to creating successful social media marketing campaigns all over the country, our marketers, designers and developers are determined to deliver results.

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